Custom Wedding Card Boxes

As a premier US-based box manufacturer, we offer bespoke wedding card boxes, enhancing your brand's appeal. Embrace quality, uniqueness, and style to uplift your business.

Custom Wedding Card Boxes
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Wedding Card Boxes For Elegant Presentation

Begin your customization journey today with our wedding card boxes. We believe in the power of personal touch and that every detail counts. From choosing materials and styles to adding extra features, we make sure each box reflects your unique style. Whether for a grand event or a smaller, more intimate gathering, our custom wedding card boxes can add elegance and sophistication to your special day. With our easy-to-use design tools, you can bring your vision to life. So why wait? Start creating your perfect wedding card boxes with us today!

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Imagine seeing your design come to life! We can create a product sample showcasing your personal design before proceeding with the full order.

Custom Wedding Card Packaging Box Printing

A wedding card, often referred to as a wedding invitation, is a formal, printed invitation sent to guests, requesting their presence at a wedding ceremony.

Wedding card packaging refers to the customized boxes or cases used to house and present wedding invitations, adding an elegant touch to the overall presentation.

Wedding card boxes are specially designed containers, often aesthetically pleasing and customized, used to collect and store cards given by guests at a wedding reception or ceremony.

Custom wedding card boxes are specifically tailored containers, designed according to individual preferences for aesthetics and functionality. They're often used to collect greetings from guests at wedding receptions or ceremonies.

Unveiling Potential: The Multifaceted Uses of Wedding Card Packaging Boxes

1. Enhancing Presentation of Wedding Invitations
2. Safe Storage for Wedding Card
3. Aesthetic Appeal at Reception Tables
4. Keepsake Container Post-Ceremony
5.  Ideal for Organizing RSVPs

Distinctive Diversity: Types of Wedding Card Packaging Boxes

1. Nuptial Card Casing
2. Wedding Invitation Holder
3. Bridal Greeting Box
4. Matrimony Note Container
5. Marriage Card Packaging

"Wedding card boxes are often ordered by:

1. Event planners
2. Wedding venues
3. Printing companies
4. Wedding card designers
5. Bridal shops"

Reliable and prompt, we ensure your custom boxes reach your doorstep anywhere in the United States within 2 to 3 weeks. Our commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction makes us a trusted partner in your business or personal events.

Wedding Card Boxes
wedding card Packaging Box

Elegant Choices: Wedding Card Box Sizes for Every Celebration!

Wedding card boxes come in various sizes to accommodate different quantities of cards and to suit individual preferences. Here are some unique and commonly used sizes:

  • Small Square: 8" x 8" x 8"
  • Medium Rectangular: 10" x 6" x 4"
  • Large Square: 12" x 12" x 12"
  • Slim Rectangular: 14" x 6" x 3"
  • Compact Square: 6" x 6" x 6"
  • Standard Rectangular: 12" x 8" x 4"
  • Tall Rectangular: 14" x 8" x 6"
  • Extra Large Square: 16" x 16" x 16"
  • Vintage Suitcase Style: 12" x 8" x 6"
  • Book-style Box: 10" x 8" x 2.5"

These sizes are just a starting point, and custom-made wedding card boxes can be created to match any specific theme or requirement for the big day.

Wedding Card Box Benefits

Enhances organization and security, ensuring guests' heartfelt wishes and monetary gifts are safely stored during the wedding celebration.

Compare Wedding Card Box Materials

Exquisite Wedding Card Box Materials

Cardboard Stock:

  • Provides a sturdy base for wedding cards, able to hold its shape well and protect the card from bending or creasing during transportation and storage
  • Can be cut to size and scored for easy folding, creating a professional-looking finish that complements the design of the wedding card

Corrugated Cardboard:

  • Offers added protection and cushioning for wedding cards, thanks to its wavy inner layer that absorbs shocks and minimizes the risk of damage during shipping and handling
  • Can be customized with different flute directions, offering versatility in design and allowing businesses to create unique and eye-catching wedding card packages

White Card Stock:

  • Provides a clean and neutral background for wedding cards, letting the design and colors of the card take center stage
  • Can be printed with a variety of finishes, such as matte, gloss, or metallic, to enhance the overall look and feel of the wedding card package

SBS Paperboard:

  • Boasts a high level of stiffness and resistance to bending, keeping wedding cards safe from damage and creases during transportation and storage
  • Offers a range of textures and finishes, including embossing, debossing, and foil stamping, allowing businesses to create premium and elegant wedding card packages

Kraft Paper Stock:

  • Adds a touch of natural, earthy charm to wedding card packages, appealing to environmentally conscious couples who prefer sustainable and eco-friendly options
  • Can be paired with other natural materials, such as twine or wood veneer, for a cohesive and rustic look that reflects the couple's personal style

Rigid Board:

  • Provides exceptional protection for wedding cards, maintaining their shape and preventing bends or creases even under heavy use or long-distance shipping
  • Can be customized with unique shapes and sizes, allowing businesses to create one-of-a-kind wedding card packages that stand out from the rest


  • Is an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional paperboard, made from recycled paper fibers that reduce waste and minimize environmental impact
  • Lightweight and easy to handle, streamlining the packaging process and reducing shipping costs, making it an excellent option for bulk orders or destination weddings

Plastic Stock:

  • Ensures complete protection against moisture, spills, or other forms of liquid damage, preserving the quality and longevity of the wedding card
  • Can be molded into unique shapes and designs, allowing businesses to create custom wedding card packages that match the couple's personality and theme.

Enhance Your Box: Wedding Card Extra Options

After printing a wedding card box, there are various finishing options that can be applied to enhance its appearance and durability. Some of the common finishing options include:

  • Lamination: Applying a thin layer of plastic film (matte or glossy) to the printed surface to protect it from wear and tear and give it a smooth texture.
  • Varnishing: Adding a clear or tinted varnish coating to add shine, protection, and highlight certain elements of the design.
  • Embossing: Creating raised or 3D designs on the surface of the box by pressing it with a die or plate, giving it an elegant and tactile feel.
  • Foil stamping: Adding metallic foil (gold, silver, etc.) to specific parts of the design to create a luxurious and eye-catching effect.
  • Spot UV coating: Applying a glossy, raised coating to selected areas of the box to create contrast and make certain elements stand out.
  • Die-cutting: Cutting the box into custom shapes or adding windows to showcase parts of the contents inside.
  • Edge coloring: Adding a colored finish to the edges of the box to complement the overall design.
  • UV coating: Applying a protective layer of ultraviolet (UV) coating to enhance the durability and appearance of the box.
  • Soft-touch coating: Applying a velvety, tactile coating to give the box a luxurious and premium feel.

Guided Steps: How to Order Your Custom Boxes

Customize your product in 3 easy steps. Choose, personalize, and order your unique item with simplicity and convenience. Get started now!


Pick Box Style

Choose the ideal style, dimensions, and material to receive accurate pricing.


Create Box Design

To proceed with your order, you have two options: submit a completed design or collaborate with our skilled design team to create a custom design. Once you're satisfied with the design, give us your approval, and we'll move forward with the ordering process. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're here to bring your vision to life.


Order Wedding Card Boxes

Order your Custom wedding card box and have it shipped within the specified time, enabling you to start using it promptly. Create a unique and personalized touch for your special day, ensuring your guests have a memorable and delightful experience.

Don't miss this opportunity to add an elegant and practical element to your wedding celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly As a box manufacturer, we specialize in customization. Your logo on wedding card boxes is absolutely possible. We take pride in offering personalized printing options that will add an elegant touch to your special occasion. Share your logo design, and we'll create stunning wedding card boxes that reflect your unique style.

Yes! We'd be delighted to assist with your wedding card box design. Our creative team is skilled in crafting unique and memorable designs that align perfectly with your wedding theme and preferences. Share your ideas, and we'll turn them into a beautiful reality for your special day.

To measure the size of a wedding card box, follow these steps:
1. Length: Measure the longest side from left to right.
2. Width: Measure the shorter side from front to back.
3. Height: Measure from the base to the highest point.
For accurate dimensions, use a measuring tape or ruler. Feel free to contact us if you need further guidance!

Absolutely We value our customers and often have special offers and discounts available. Feel free to inquire about our current promotions or subscribe to our newsletter for updates on exclusive deals. Our aim is to provide you with the best value for our high-quality products and services.

Certainly We offer inside printing on wedding card boxes to add a personalized touch. Whether it's a heartfelt message, a beautiful design, or your wedding details, we can print it on the inside of the box. This creates a delightful surprise for your guests and enhances the overall elegance of your wedding cards.

Absolutely We take pride in offering inside printing on wedding card boxes. This allows you to add a personal touch to your cards, such as names, dates, or a special message. Our state-of-the-art printing technology ensures a flawless finish, creating a memorable unboxing experience for your guests. Let us make your wedding cards truly exceptional!

Based on your design theme, we recommend materials that align with your vision. For an elegant and classic theme, opt for high-quality paperboard or velvet-textured material. For a rustic or vintage theme, consider Kraft paper or natural cardboard. If your design is contemporary and sleek, go for smooth matte or glossy finishes. Let us help you choose the perfect material for your unique design

Certainly We accept orders for small quantities of wedding card boxes. Whether you need a few boxes for an intimate wedding or a sample before placing a larger order, we're here to accommodate your needs. We believe in providing flexibility and exceptional service to all our customers, no matter the order size. Feel free to reach out to us for more information or to place your order.

We strive to achieve the closest color match possible for your wedding card boxes. While we can't guarantee a 100% exact match due to variations in printing processes and materials, our skilled team ensures precise color reproduction. We use advanced color-matching technology to get as close as possible to your desired colors, ensuring your boxes look stunning and reflect your vision.

Absolutely We understand the importance of seeing a physical sample before making a decision. We do offer physical box samples for you to examine the quality and design. While there may be a small charge for the sample and shipping, it's a worthwhile investment to ensure you're satisfied with your order. Contact us to request a sample and experience our exceptional craftsmanship firsthand.