Terms and Conditions


At CustomBoxesRange, we are committed to providing top-notch services through our website. However, by accessing and using our site, you agree to abide by certain conditions. Take a moment to carefully review them before proceeding.

The following terms and conditions govern your use of the services offered on our website. By utilizing our platform, you acknowledge that all content, including but not limited to text, data, graphics, images, designs, and other materials, is the exclusive property of CustomBoxesRange. You may only access and use these resources in accordance with the policies, terms, conditions, and disclaimers outlined on this website. This agreement constitutes the entire understanding between CustomBoxesRange and any individual who subscribes to our services.

By accessing our website CustomBoxesRange.com or engaging in business with us, you unconditionally agree to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement. We reserve the right to terminate our services to you at any time, with or without notice, if we determine that your behavior violates this agreement or is detrimental to our company. All users of our website, including contributors, dealers, customers, and advertisers, are subject to the terms of service and privacy policy posted on our site. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with these documents, and we recommend that you regularly review them for updates. Any new features or services offered on our website will also be subject to these terms and conditions, so it is important to stay informed. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in termination of your access to our services. We disclaim any liability if you continue to use our services after changes have been made to the terms and conditions.


CustomBoxesRange reserves the right to provide or discontinue services at its sole discretion. Please note that any information transmitted by you over the internet will be done so unencrypted, with the exception of credit card details which will be encrypted for security purposes. We reserve the right to modify or change the terms of this agreement at any time, with or without prior notification. Such changes shall be binding on all customers, and it is your responsibility to periodically review the terms and conditions to ensure that your use of our services remains in compliance. By utilizing our services, you agree not to sell, copy, or reproduce our services without explicit written permission from our authorities.


CustomBoxesRange strives to provide accurate and reliable information on its website, but we cannot guarantee that it’s entirely free of errors or omissions. While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information provided, we strongly advise that you conduct your own research and verify any critical details before making decisions based on the information presented on our site.


CustomBoxesRange is not responsible for any change in the prices with the time. Prices of the products available on this website are not constant, and we kept the right to alter them at any time. Due to custom printing services that we provide, during the placement of your order, you must approve the proof of printing products. And you have only 6-8 hours to cancel your order after approval otherwise a charge will be exerted due to cancellation of the order. We also do not guarantee you the cancellation of an order after 12-14 hours or time, in that case, full payment is charged including product, custom designing, and shipment charges. We also reserved the right to provide or discontinue the services offered to our customers. We will not compensate any loss by the change of our prices to either you or any third party.


At CustomBoxesRange, we have made every reasonable effort to ensure that the images, descriptions, and specifications of our products on our website are as accurate as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that they are completely error-free or up-to-date. Please note that product availability, quantities, and color options may vary and are subject to change without notice. Additionally, we reserve the right to limit sales of certain products to specific regions, countries, or individuals. This policy is applied on a case-by-case basis and may vary depending on several factors.


At CustomBoxesRange, our expert designing and printing team uses state-of-the-art technology to convert your digital artwork into high-quality prints. We require that all submitted artwork files are in 300 dpi and CMYK format to ensure optimal print quality; failure to comply may result in blurry or distorted printing and altered colors. Additionally, we only accept artwork that is entirely your property, and we will not print any infringing or inappropriate content. By submitting your designs to us, you confirm that you possess the necessary legal rights and permissions for reproduction. Our dedication to excellence extends beyond printing, as we uphold ethical standards and maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards offensive or objectionable material, ensuring a safe and respectful environment for both our staff and clients.


At CustomBoxesRange, we reserve the right to manage payment processing and acceptance. We may restrict the number of products that can be purchased per individual or per order, and we retain the ability to cancel orders at any time. When making a purchase, it is your responsibility to provide accurate personal information, including your name, contact details, address, and credit card information. If false information is provided, we reserve the right to discontinue your service. Additionally, please ensure that your credit card information is up-to-date, including the expiration date, to facilitate a smooth transaction process.


CustomBoxesRange disclaims any liability for inaccurate or misleading information present on its website. Despite our best efforts, errors or inaccuracies may still exist, particularly in regards to product descriptions, pricing, and other details. We reserve the right to correct such mistakes without prior notice, and encourage users to bring any discrepancies to our attention. Please note that CustomBoxesRange is not responsible for any reliance placed on incorrect information. Thank you for understanding.


At CustomBoxesRange, we understand that sometimes issues can arise with custom packaging. That’s why we offer a solution-focused approach to addressing customer concerns. If you receive a faulty or defective product due to our customization services, we kindly request that you notify us within three business days. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund in such cases. However, we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction by reprinting the product and modifying it according to your specific requirements. Please note that the replacement product may take between 6 to 7 working days to arrive at your doorstep. Thank you for choosing CustomBoxesRange, where we strive to deliver top-notch customized solutions while providing excellent customer care.


At CustomBoxesRange, we strive for accuracy and high-quality production. To ensure that our customers receive their desired products, we have implemented a thorough proofing process. Once an order is placed, we send digital images of the artwork/graphics to the customer for approval. It is the customer’s responsibility to carefully review and examine these proofs, as CustomBoxesRange will not be held accountable for any errors or issues that may arise due to:

  • Spelling or grammar mistakes made by the customer.
  • Low-quality images uploaded by the customer.
  • Design flaws or color selection errors introduced during the artwork file creation process by the customer.
  • Errors in user-selected options, such as product type, size, finishing options, or quantity.
  • Incorrect file dimensions, image orientation, or file submission not adhering to CustomBoxesRange.com specifications.
  • Damage to the products occurring after delivery to the customer.
  • Incorrect file layout for folding, scoring, die cutting.
  • Incorrect shipping address.


  1. Order Approval and Proofing:
    Before proceeding with production, CustomBoxesRange.com requires approval from the customer on the artwork proof. The customer is responsible for thoroughly checking the proof for any errors or discrepancies. Once the customer approves the artwork, CustomBoxesRange.com begins production, and the customer assumes responsibility for any mistakes in the artwork. Therefore, it’s crucial for the customer to carefully review the proof before giving their approval.
  2. Production Location and Timeline:
    To meet project deadlines, CustomBoxesRange reserves the right to produce and ship orders from any location without advance notice to the customer. This ensures timely delivery and helps us manage workload efficiently.
  3. Non-Refundable Custom Orders:
    Since all items sold by CustomBoxesRange are fully customizable, they are non-refundable once produced. As each item is tailor-made per order, we don’t accept returns or issue refunds unless the item is defective (see policy 4).
  4. Defective Items and Reprint Policy:
    If the delivered items are found to be defective, the customer should contact CustomBoxesRange within 15 days of the delivery date, providing detailed information about the defect. In such cases, we will gladly reprint the order without additional costs. However, please note that there will be no refund for custom-made items. If there’s an error in printing caused by CustomBoxesRange, we will redo the order at no extra charge.

Production and Shipping Timelines:

At CustomBoxesRange, we strive to deliver your orders as quickly as possible. Our custom designing, coloring, and printing processes usually take 4-5 working days, followed by 2-3 business days for shipping. Please note that these time frames start only after your artwork files have been fully uploaded, reviewed, and accepted by our press or printing department. We take all necessary steps to ensure timely delivery, but cannot be held accountable for delays in shipment or delivery. However, if there are any technical issues during printing that cause a delay, we will provide a full refund for the affected charges.


By using CustomBoxesRange, you agree not to engage in any of the following activities:

  • Use data or information obtained through our services for illegal purposes.
  • Threaten or blackmail others to use this information for unlawful activities.
  • Violate our intellectual property rights.
  • Provide false or misleading information.
  • Track personal information about others without consent.
  • Engage in phishing or spamming activities.
  • Use our data or services for fraudulent purposes.
  • Take any action that compromises the safety and security of our website.

In case of violation of any of the above terms, we reserve the right to terminate the services provided by CustomBoxesRange immediately.