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Custom Truffle Boxes
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Embark on a journey of personalization today by starting to customize your truffle boxes with us. With our extensive array of options, you have the power to create a packaging experience that truly reflects your brand. Be it colors, materials, or designs, every detail can be tailored to your precise specifications. Make a lasting impression on your customers with truffle boxes that are as unique and exquisite as the treats they hold. Don't wait; the opportunity to elevate your product presentation is just a click away. Start customizing your truffle boxes today.

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Custom Truffle Packaging Box Printing

truffle" refers to a rare and prized type of edible fungi that grows underground, known for its distinctive aroma and flavor. Truffles are considered a delicacy in gourmet cuisine.

Truffle packaging refers to the specialized containers and materials used to store and protect truffles, preserving their unique aroma and flavor, and presenting them in an attractive manner for gourmet sales or gifting.

Truffle boxes are specially designed containers used to store and showcase truffles, protecting their delicate aroma and flavor. These elegant boxes are ideal for presentation, retail packaging, or as thoughtful gifts for truffle enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Custom truffle boxes are tailor-made packaging solutions crafted to meet specific requirements. These boxes not only preserve the delicate aroma and flavor of truffles but also offer branding opportunities, making them perfect for gourmet retailers, events, and special occasions.

Maximizing the Utility of Truffle Packaging Boxes

  • Gourmet retail packaging: Showcases and protects truffles for display in upscale stores.
  • Gift presentation: Elevates the gifting experience for truffle enthusiasts or food lovers.
  • Event favors: Provides stylish and sophisticated packaging for truffles at weddings or parties.
  • Preservation: Ensures truffles stay fresh and retain their unique aroma and flavor.
  • Branding opportunity: Customized boxes promote truffle brands and enhance brand recognition.


Exploring Varieties of Truffle Packaging Boxes

  • Truffle containers
  • Gourmet treat boxes
  • Chocolate truffle packaging
  • Delicacy gift boxes
  • Luxury fungi boxes


Companies commonly ordering truffle boxes include:

  • Gourmet chocolate manufacturers
  • Specialty food stores
  • Luxury confectionery retailers
  • Wedding and event planners
  • Gift shops specializing in delicacies


Experience our efficient nationwide shipping service, delivering boxes to any location within the United States in just 2 to 3 weeks. No matter where you are, we prioritize timely delivery, ensuring your packages arrive on schedule. Trust us to handle the logistics with utmost care and reliability while you focus on other important tasks.

Truffle Boxes
truffle Packaging Box

Finding Your Perfect Fit: Truffle Box Sizes

Truffle boxes come in various sizes to accommodate different quantities of truffles. Here are some unique and commonly used sizes:

  • Two-Piece Truffle Box: A compact box consisting of a base and a lid designed to hold two truffles. It's a popular choice for small gifts or wedding favors.
  • Four-Truffle Box: This slightly larger box is perfect for gifting a small assortment of truffles or as a delightful treat for personal indulgence.
  • Six-Truffle Box: A classic choice for gift-giving, the six-truffle box offers a bit more variety and is often presented as a token of appreciation.
  • Twelve-Truffle Box: This medium-sized box is great for special occasions and sharing with friends and family. It's often used for celebrations and corporate gifting.
  • Twenty-Four Truffle Box: A larger box suitable for grand celebrations or as a luxurious gift to someone with a love for truffles.
  • Thirty-Six Truffle Box: A generous-sized box perfect for weddings, events, or lavish gift-giving. It's an ideal choice for those who want to make a grand impression.
  • Fifty-Truffle Box: The ultimate truffle box for lavish events, corporate gifts, or a luxurious treat for oneself. It's a statement piece for truffle connoisseurs.
  • Heart-Shaped Truffle Box: An endearing variation that comes in different sizes, with compartments to hold a few truffles in the shape of a heart. Often chosen for Valentine's Day or anniversaries.
  • Assorted Truffle Gift Tower: A unique presentation where multiple truffle boxes of different sizes are stacked to create an elegant tower, offering a selection of flavors and quantities.
  • Customizable Truffle Box: Some chocolatiers or gift shops offer the option to create personalized truffle boxes, where customers can select the number and types of truffles to include.

These sizes cater to various preferences and occasions, ensuring that there's a truffle box suitable for every situation, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations.

Unveiling Benefits of Custom Truffle Boxes

Truffle box offers pre-built templates for smart contracts, providing a structural advantage by streamlining development and ensuring consistency.

Compare Truffle Box Materials

Exploring Diverse Truffle Box Materials

Cardboard Stock:

  • Provides adequate cushioning and support for shoes during shipping and storage, preventing damage to the product
  • Can be cut and shaped to fit the contours of the shoe, ensuring snug fit and minimizing movement within the box

Corrugated Cardboard:

  • Offers superior protection against crushing and denting, safeguarding the shoes from potential damage during transit
  • Allows for efficient stacking and storing, maximizing space in warehouses and retail stores

White Card Stock:

  • Enhances brand visibility through high-quality printing capabilities, showcasing the logo and other design elements in vivid colors
  • Can be die-cut into custom shapes and sizes, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the packaging

SBS Paperboard:

  • Exhibits exceptional strength and durability, capable of withstanding the weight and pressure of heavy shoes
  • Presents a premium look and feel, making it an excellent choice for luxury footwear brands

Kraft Paper Stock:

  • Provides a rustic, earthy appeal that resonates with environmentally conscious consumers, aligning with the values of eco-friendly footwear brands
  • Durable enough to withstand the rigors of shipping and handling, ensuring the shoes arrive undamaged

Rigid Board:

  • Supplies unmatched stability and protection for bulky or oddly-shaped shoes, preventing collapse or deformation during transit
  • Available in various thicknesses and materials, allowing for customization based on specific packaging requirements


  • Eco-friendly composition made from recycled paper fibers, appealing to environmentally aware consumers who prioritize sustainability
  • Lightweight and compact, reducing shipping costs and carbon footprint compared to traditional packaging materials

Plastic Stock:

  • Impermeable to water and moisture, shielding shoes from exposure to the elements and maintaining their pristine condition
  • Customizable through injection molding, enabling creation of bespoke packaging solutions tailored to specific shoe designs

Enhancing Value with Extra Truffle Box Options

After printing a truffle box, there are several finishing options that can be applied to complete the project:

  • Assembly: Assemble the components and parts of the truffle box to form the final structure.
  • Painting/Staining: Apply paint or stain to the exterior of the truffle box to add color and protection.
  • Varnishing: Use varnish or sealant to protect the wood and enhance its appearance.
  • Embellishments: Add decorative elements like handles, knobs, or metal accents to enhance the truffle box's aesthetics.
  • Lining: Line the interior of the truffle box with fabric, felt, or other materials to protect the truffles and improve presentation.
  • Branding: If it's a commercial product, adding a logo or brand name can give the truffle box a professional touch.
  • Personalization: Customize the truffle box with engravings or special messages for a unique and sentimental touch.
  • Quality Check: Inspect the finished truffle box for any defects or issues before delivering it to the intended recipients or customers.

These finishing options help to add value, protection, and a polished appearance to the truffle box, making it ready for use or presentation.

Guidelines for Ordering Your Boxes

Ordering your custom product is as easy as one-two-three. Choose your design, customize it, and confirm your order. Personalized packaging in three steps!


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Choose the ideal style, size, and material for your needs and discover the perfect pricing.


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Choose from two options: send us your completed design, or let our skilled design team create a custom one for you. Before placing your order, ensure you approve the final design, ensuring satisfaction with the result. Your unique and personalized product is just a step away!


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Order your Custom Truffle box now! We ensure swift shipping, and within no time, your delightful box will be delivered right to your doorstep. Get ready to indulge in these delectable treats and savor every moment of pure bliss! Don't wait any longer to experience the joy of our exquisite truffles. Place your order today!

Frequently Asked Questions

As a box manufacturer, we strive to fulfill unique requests! Yes, we can print your logo on truffle boxes, adding a personalized touch to your packaging. Let's create a delectable impression for your brand!

Yes! Let's collaborate on crafting your perfect truffle box, tailored to your vision and brand. Together, we'll create an exquisite packaging that leaves a lasting impression.

To measure your truffle box's size, grab a ruler or measuring tape. Starting from one end, measure the length, width, and height. Add all three measurements together to get the total size. Happy measuring!

Yes! We occasionally provide exclusive promotions, ensuring our customers enjoy cost-effective options without compromising quality. Stay tuned for our exciting offers!

Unfortunately, inside printing on truffle boxes is not currently offered. However, we can explore custom packaging options to add a special touch to your truffle boxes. Let's discuss the details to create a unique solution that meets your needs!

Yes, our truffle boxes can be custom-printed on the inside to add a delightful surprise for your recipients!

Our recommendation for your box design theme is a combination of recycled kraft paper and biodegradable materials, aligning with your eco-friendly values while showcasing a rustic charm.

Yes! You can absolutely order a few truffle boxes. We offer a delightful selection of truffles to satisfy your taste buds. Enjoy the decadent flavors in each box! Order now for a truly indulgent experience.

While I strive to achieve precise color matching, it's essential to consider slight variations due to material limitations. I'll give my utmost effort to get as close as possible to your desired colors for the truffle boxes, ensuring an outstanding outcome.

Yes! We do provide physical box samples upon request. There are nominal charges associated with this service to cover handling and shipping expenses. Rest assured, the quality of the sample will showcase our product's excellence. Feel free to reach out, and we'll be glad to assist you with the process. Thank you!