Custom Playing Card Boxes

Unlock your card game's potential with our top-notch custom playing card boxes. Personalize your packaging to enhance brand identity and leave a lasting impression on customers. Elevate your business with premium quality and unique designs!

Custom Playing Card Boxes
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Unleash your creativity and embark on the journey of customizing your playing card boxes today! With a myriad of options at your fingertips, craft packaging that perfectly represents your brand and captivates your audience. Our user-friendly design tools ensure a seamless experience, allowing you to add unique artwork, captivating colors, and personalized touches.

Whether you're launching a new card game or enhancing an existing one, our custom playing card boxes will elevate your product's appeal and set it apart from the competition. Don't wait any longer; let your imagination run wild and create packaging that leaves a lasting impression!

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Custom Playing Card Packaging Box Printing

Playing cards are a set of rectangular cards typically used for playing various card games. Each card has a unique combination of suit and rank, forming the deck's standard structure for gameplay.

Playing card packaging refers to the materials and design used to encase and protect a set of playing cards during storage, transportation, and display, ensuring their longevity and appeal for players and collectors.

Playing card boxes are containers specially designed to hold and protect sets of playing cards. Typically made of durable materials like cardboard or plastic, they keep cards organized, secure, and in good condition, making them ideal for storage and gifting.

Custom playing card boxes are personalized containers crafted to specific requirements, offering unique sizes, designs, and branding options. These boxes add a touch of exclusivity and enhance the visual appeal, ensuring safe storage and preservation of playing card sets.

Leveraging the Potential: The Strategic Use of Playing Card Packaging Boxes

  • Safely store and protect playing card sets
  • Maintain card quality and longevity
  • Provide a professional and presentable appearance
  • Facilitate easy transportation and organization
  • Suitable for gifting and retail display purposes.


Diverse Varieties of Card Packaging Boxes

  • Card deck boxes
  • Card game boxes
  • Poker card boxes
  • Custom card storage
  • Card collection cases


Game manufacturers, retailers, and casinos commonly order playing card boxes.

  • Card game developers
  • Toy stores
  • Gift shops
  • Casino suppliers
  • Online game distributors


At our company, we take pride in our efficient shipping process, ensuring timely delivery of boxes to any location within the United States. With a quick turnaround time of 2 to 3 weeks, you can rest assured that your packaging needs will be met promptly and with utmost care. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to provide seamless shipping services for all our customers.

Playing Card Boxes
playing card Packaging Box

Exploring Dimensions: A Guide to Playing Card Box Sizes

Playing card boxes come in various sizes to accommodate different quantities of cards and to appeal to collectors and gamers alike. Here are some unique and commonly used sizes:

  • Poker Size Tuck Box: The standard size for most playing cards, measuring around 2.5 x 3.5 inches (63.5 x 88.9 mm). It can hold a standard poker deck of 52 cards.
  • Bridge Size Tuck Box: Slightly narrower than poker cards, measuring about 2.25 x 3.5 inches (57.15 x 88.9 mm). Used for bridge and other card games that require a smaller deck.
  • Miniature Tuck Box: A tiny version of playing cards, often used for travel sets and novelty purposes, measuring around 1.75 x 2.5 inches (44.45 x 63.5 mm).
  • Square Tuck Box: Square-shaped boxes that can hold specialized decks or promotional card sets. Sizes can vary, but a common dimension is 2.75 x 2.75 inches (69.85 x 69.85 mm).
  • Tarot Card Box: Designed to hold larger tarot cards, measuring approximately 2.75 x 4.75 inches (69.85 x 120.65 mm).
  • Two-Deck Box: A larger box that can accommodate two standard decks of playing cards side by side, often measuring around 3.5 x 4 inches (88.9 x 101.6 mm).
  • Four-Deck Box: Even larger than the two-deck box, this size can hold up to four standard decks and is around 3.5 x 7 inches (88.9 x 177.8 mm).
  • Six-Deck Box: Suitable for a collection of six standard decks, with dimensions approximately 3.5 x 10.5 inches (88.9 x 266.7 mm).
  • Card Brick Box: Commonly used for bulk storage or selling multiple decks together, it can hold around 12 standard decks, measuring about 4.5 x 3.5 x 2.75 inches (114.3 x 88.9 x 69.85 mm).

Perks of Utilizing Playing Card Boxes

The structural benefit of a playing card box is compact storage and easy portability for cards.

Compare Playing Card Box Materials

Exploring Materials for Playing Card Boxes

Cardboard stock, 16pt. card stock, 18pt. card stock, 24pt. card stock, white card stock:

  • Exceptional durability and thickness, ensuring the playing card packaging remains sturdy and resistant to damage during transportation and handling.
  • Excellent printability, allowing vibrant colors and intricate designs to be showcased on the packaging, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

SBS paperboard, kraft paper stock, chipboard:

  • Environmentally friendly options, commonly made from recycled materials, promoting sustainability in playing card packaging production.
  • Provides a natural and rustic appearance, adding a unique and aesthetic flair to the packaging design, particularly suitable for vintage or retro-themed playing cards.

Plastic stock:

  • Superior water and moisture resistance, protecting the playing cards from potential liquid damage or humidity during storage or transportation.
  • Highly transparent material, allowing the playing cards to be visible without the need for opening the packaging, adding convenience for both customers and retailers.

Enhancing Your Experience: Extra Options for Card Boxes

After printing a playing card box, various finishing options can be applied to enhance its appearance and durability. Some common finishing options include:

  • Lamination: Applying a thin layer of plastic film over the printed surface to protect it from wear and tear, moisture, and fading. It also gives the box a glossy or matte finish.
  • Varnishing: Coating the printed surface with a clear varnish to add shine and protect the box from scratches and scuffs.
  • Embossing/Debossing: Creating raised (embossing) or recessed (debossing) patterns or text on the box, adding a tactile and visually appealing element.
  • Foil Stamping: Applying metallic foils in various colors to specific areas of the box, creating an eye-catching and luxurious effect.
  • Spot UV Coating: Applying a glossy and raised UV coating to specific areas of the box, creating contrast and adding a tactile element.
  • Die-Cutting: Cutting the box into unique shapes or adding custom windows to showcase the card design or other features.
  • Matte/Glossy Finishing: Choosing between matte or glossy finishes to determine the overall look and feel of the box.

These finishing options can significantly enhance the visual appeal and durability of the playing card box, making it more attractive to customers and protecting it during handling and storage.

Guidelines to Order Your Boxes

Ordering your custom product is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply design, approve the sample, then place your order. It's swift, user-friendly, and efficient.


Pick Box Style

For precise pricing, simply choose the ideal style, dimensions, and material that best suits your needs. Selecting these factors accurately will allow us to provide you with the perfect quote, ensuring you get the best value for your desired product.


Create Box Design

You have two options to proceed with your order. First, you can send us your completed design, and we'll gladly use it. Alternatively, you can rely on our skilled design team to create a custom design for you. In either case, we'll await your approval before finalizing the order, ensuring your satisfaction with the end product.


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Order your custom playing card box today, and rest assured that it will be swiftly shipped within the designated time frame. Once delivered, you can immediately indulge in the joy of using your personalized playing cards. Don't miss this chance to add a touch of uniqueness and excitement to your game nights!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely As a box manufacturer, we offer custom printing, including adding your logo to playing card boxes. Personalize your packaging to showcase your brand and create a unique and professional presentation for your playing cards. Share your logo design and requirements, and we'll ensure your playing card boxes reflect your brand identity beautifully, adding a touch of elegance to your products.

Certainly Our skilled design team is at your service. Share your ideas, branding, and any specific preferences, and we'll create a captivating and tailor-made playing card box design that perfectly represents your brand. Collaborate with us to craft the perfect packaging solution that enhances your product's appeal and leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

To measure your playing card box, use a measuring tape or ruler. Measure the length from one end to the other, then measure the width from side to side. Next, measure the height from the base to the top. Consider any additional features like tuck flaps. These measurements will ensure the perfect fit for your playing cards, helping you choose the right size box for your needs.

Certainly We value our customers and frequently offer discounted prices. Keep an eye on our website or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about special promotions. Additionally, for bulk orders or repeat customers, we provide personalized pricing to ensure you get the best value for your playing card box purchase. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and avail exciting offers.

Absolutely We specialize in inside printing for playing card boxes. This means we can add custom designs, branding, or messages on the inside of the box lid or base. Enhance the unboxing experience and create a unique presentation for your playing cards. Share your ideas with us, and we'll make your playing card boxes stand out both inside and out. Contact us to explore your options!

Yes, we offer inside printing for playing card boxes. This allows you to add custom designs, logos, or messages on the inside of the box lid or base. Elevate your unboxing experience and create a memorable impression. Collaborate with our team to make your playing card boxes unique inside and out, reflecting your brand's identity and enhancing your product presentation. Contact us to discuss your requirements!

Based on your design theme, we recommend suitable materials for your boxes. For an eco-friendly and rustic look, kraft paper is an excellent choice. For a premium and luxurious feel, consider specialty cardboard with foil stamping. Vibrant designs pair beautifully with white or colored cardboard. Share your design vision with us, and we'll suggest the perfect material to complement your box and bring your creative vision to life.

Certainly We welcome small orders for playing card boxes. Whether you need just a few boxes for personal use or a trial run, we're here to help. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to all order sizes. Feel free to place your request, and we'll ensure you receive the perfect playing card boxes for your needs, no matter the quantity.

While we strive for precise color matching, it's essential to consider material and printing limitations. To achieve the closest match, provide specific color codes or physical samples. We use advanced technology for accurate results, but a 100% match may vary slightly. Rest assured, we'll work closely with you to create playing card boxes that closely align with your desired colors, ensuring high-quality and impressive outcomes.

Certainly We offer physical box samples to ensure you're satisfied before placing a larger order. While there may be a nominal charge to cover production and shipping costs, it's a worthwhile investment to assess the quality and design. Request a sample to experience our craftsmanship firsthand and make an informed decision. We look forward to providing you with the perfect playing card boxes that meet your requirements.