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Drive Your Business Forward with Custom Golf Ball Boxes Made in the USA. Stand out on the course with personalized packaging, boosting brand recognition and leaving a lasting impression on customers.

Custom Golf Ball Boxes
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Tee Off in Style with Golf Ball Box Packaging for Premium Balls

Tee off your brand's success with personalized golf ball boxes that are sure to make a hole-in-one impression. It's time to stand out on the green and leave a lasting mark with custom options tailored to your unique vision. Whether it's showcasing your logo, striking designs, or vibrant colors, our expert team is here to bring your ideas to life. From small orders to bulk quantities, we've got you covered. Elevate your golf merchandise with premium packaging, attract more customers, and make your mark in the industry. Don't wait another stroke; start customizing your golf ball boxes today!

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Custom Golf Ball Packaging Box Printing

A golf ball is a small, dimpled ball used in the sport of golf. It is designed to be hit with golf clubs and is typically made of materials such as rubber, synthetic materials, or a combination of both.

Golf ball packaging refers to the materials and designs used to package and present golf balls. It includes various forms such as sleeves, boxes, or containers that protect the balls and provide relevant information to consumers.

Golf ball boxes are specialized containers designed for storing and packaging golf balls. These boxes are typically made of cardboard or plastic and are designed to protect and organize the balls, making them convenient for storage, transportation, and display.

Custom golf ball boxes are personalized packaging solutions specifically tailored for golf balls. These boxes can be customized with unique designs, dimensions, and branding elements to meet the specific requirements of the golf balls. They enhance the visual appeal, provide proper organization, and create a distinctive identity for the brand.

Score with Purpose: Golf Ball Packaging Box Utilization.

- Protection: Golf ball packaging boxes provide a protective enclosure for the balls, safeguarding them from damage during storage, transportation, and handling.

  • Organization: These boxes help keep golf balls organized and easily accessible, ensuring efficient storage and easy retrieval.
  • Branding: Customized golf ball packaging boxes can feature branding elements, logos, and visuals, serving as a marketing tool to promote the brand.
  • Convenience: Packaging boxes make it easier to handle, carry, and store golf balls, providing a convenient and organized solution for golfers.
  • Retail Display: Golf ball packaging boxes are designed to showcase the balls attractively on store shelves, enhancing their visual appeal and attracting potential customers.


Golf Ball Packaging Box Varieties.

- Ball storage containers

  • Golf ball cases
  • Golf ball holders
  • Ball packaging boxes
  • Golf ball sleeves


Commonly, the following companies order golf ball boxes:

  • Golf equipment manufacturers
  • Sporting goods retailers
  • Golf pro shops
  • Online golf retailers
  • Golf tournament organizers


Our shipping service ensures that our boxes are delivered anywhere within the United States in just 2 to 3 weeks. With our efficient shipping network, we prioritize prompt delivery, allowing you to receive your orders in a timely manner, no matter where you are located in the country.

Golf Ball Boxes
golf ball Packaging Box

Perfect Fit: Golf Ball Box Sizes.

  • 12-pack Golf Ball Box: This is a standard size commonly used for selling a dozen golf balls. It's a popular choice for golfers who want to stock up on balls for a season or to share among a group of players.
  • 3-ball Sleeve: A smaller size often used for promotional packs or when golfers want to try out a new brand or type of golf ball before committing to a larger quantity.
  • 24-pack Golf Ball Box: This larger box is suitable for golfers who frequently play and need a substantial supply of golf balls to last them for several rounds.
  • 6-ball Pack: A mid-sized box perfect for golfers who want to purchase a few extra balls without committing to a full dozen.
  • 2-ball Trial Pack: A small sample-size box designed for golfers who want to test a particular model or brand of golf balls before making a larger purchase.
  • 30-ball Bucket: This unique container resembles a mini-bucket and is commonly used by driving ranges to sell a bulk quantity of practice balls to golfers.
  • 50-ball Mesh Bag: Another common option for driving ranges or practice facilities, this mesh bag allows golfers to purchase a bundle of practice balls that are easy to carry and use.
  • 100-ball Bulk Box: Often utilized by golf courses or clubs for tournaments or outings, this large box provides a substantial number of balls for various players.
  • 5-dozen Golf Ball Case: A size typically seen in pro shops or golf retailers, offering 60 golf balls in one case for those who prefer to buy in bulk.
  • Personalized 1-ball Gift Box: A unique and thoughtful option for gifting a single golf ball, often customized with the recipient's name or a special message.

Advantages: Golf Ball Box Benefits.

The structural benefit of a golf ball box lies in its sturdy design, safeguarding golf balls during transport and storage.

Compare Golf Ball Box Materials

Lustrous Elegance: Golf Ball Materials.

Cardboard Stock:

  • Environmentally friendly, made from recycled materials
  • Versatile, can be used for a wide range of applications such as boxes, signs, and displays

Corrugated Cardboard:

  • Excellent cushioning and protection for fragile items during shipping and storage
  • Cost-effective, affordable solution for packaging and display needs

White Card Stock:

  • Bright, smooth finish ideal for printing and copying
  • Archival quality, acid-free and lignin-free, ensuring longevity and preservation of documents

SBS Paperboard:

  • Superior strength and durability, suitable for high-end packaging and marketing materials
  • Excellent printability and finishing capabilities, offering design flexibility and customization options

Kraft Paper Stock:

  • Earthy, natural texture and color, suitable for eco-friendly and rustic-style branding
  • High tensile strength and resistance to tearing and ripping, ensuring packages and labels stay secure and intact

Rigid Board:

  • Customizable size and thickness options, tailoring solutions for individual projects
  • Durable and long-lasting, suitable for signage, displays, and exhibits that require stability and longevity


  • Economical option for packaging and display needs
  • Lightweight and easy to handle, reducing transportation costs and hassle

Plastic Stock:

  • Waterproof and weather-resistant, protecting against moisture, sunlight, and extreme temperatures
  • Variety of finishes and colors available, including glossy, matte, and metallic options, offering design flexibility and customization options.

Beyond Brilliance: Golf Ball Box Extra Options.

After printing the golf ball box, various finishing options can be applied to enhance its appearance and durability. Some common finishing options include:

  • Lamination: Applying a thin layer of plastic film over the printed surface to protect it from scratches and moisture, giving it a glossy or matte finish.
  • Varnish or Coating: Adding a clear coating to the printed surface to improve its durability and provide a glossy or satin finish.
  • Embossing/Debossing: Creating raised or recessed designs on the box, adding a tactile element and visual appeal.
  • Foil Stamping: Applying a metallic or colored foil onto specific areas of the box to create a luxurious and eye-catching effect.
  • Spot UV: Adding a high-gloss, reflective coating to specific design elements to make them stand out from the rest of the surface.
  • Die-Cutting: Creating custom shapes or windows on the box using a sharp die, enhancing its uniqueness.
  • Folding/Scoring: Pre-creasing specific lines on the box to make folding and assembly easier

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! As a box manufacturer, we're thrilled to offer customizations like adding your logo to golf ball boxes. Your brand's identity will shine on every box, creating a lasting impression. Share your logo design, and our skilled team will ensure a seamless integration, making your packaging truly unique. Elevate your golf ball boxes and showcase your brand with style! Let's get started on your personalized order!

Of course! Our expert design team is here to assist you in creating the perfect golf ball box. From concept to final artwork, we'll collaborate closely, incorporating your ideas and branding elements. Together, we'll craft a striking and functional design that showcases your golf balls in style, leaving a lasting impression on your customers. Let's bring your vision to life!

To measure your golf ball box size accurately, follow these steps: 
1. Take a ruler or tape measure. 
2. Measure the length from one end to the opposite end.
3. Measure the width from side to side. 
4. Measure the height from the base to the top. 
5. Note down the dimensions in length x width x height format. This way, you'll ensure the perfect fit for your custom golf ball box!

Yes! We value our customers and often provide exciting discounted prices on our products. Stay connected with us through our newsletter or follow us on social media to be the first to know about our special offers. At our core, we are committed to offering top-quality products at the best possible prices to enhance your shopping experience with us. Happy shopping!

Yes! We take pride in our ability to offer inside print customization for golf ball boxes. Elevate your packaging by showcasing branding, product details, or unique designs on the interior, creating an unforgettable unboxing experience. Our advanced printing technology ensures high-quality results that impress both you and your customers. Let's add that extra touch of elegance to your golf ball boxes!

Yes! Our customization options include inside print for golf ball boxes. This unique feature allows you to add your branding, messages, or intricate designs to the interior, creating a memorable unboxing experience. Elevate your packaging and leave a lasting impression on your customers with our high-quality inside printing. Let's bring your vision to life and make your golf ball boxes stand out!

Upon reviewing your design theme, we recommend using sturdy and eco-friendly paperboard for your box. Its versatility allows for various finishes and printing techniques, perfectly complementing your theme's aesthetics. The premium feel of paperboard ensures your packaging is captivating and sustainable. Let's create a stunning box that aligns flawlessly with your design vision and enhances your brand's image!

Yes! We're delighted to fulfill your order for a few golf ball boxes. Whether you need a small quantity or a larger batch, we're here to meet your packaging needs. Each box is crafted with precision and care, ensuring your golf balls are elegantly presented. Experience the excellence of our golf ball boxes for yourself - place your order today!

Yes! We take color matching seriously and strive for 100% accuracy on your golf ball boxes. Share your desired colors or provide us with specific Pantone references, and our skilled team will ensure an exact match. With our advanced printing technology and expertise, your packaging will reflect your brand's colors flawlessly, creating a striking and cohesive look. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Yes! Yes, we offer physical box samples to help you assess the quality and design. While there are small charges for the samples, they're a valuable investment in ensuring your satisfaction before placing a larger order. Experience the look and feel of our boxes firsthand, making an informed decision for your packaging needs. Contact us, and we'll be happy to provide you with a sample!