Custom Dessert Boxes

Boost your brand's appeal with our custom dessert boxes, tailor-made for your delectable creations. Elevate your business presentation and leave a lasting impression. Order now!

Custom Dessert Boxes
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Custom Dessert Box Packaging for Your Sweet Treats

Embark on a delightful journey of creativity and flavor by starting to customize your dessert boxes today. Our cutting-edge customization options allow you to add a personal touch to each box, reflecting the uniqueness of your brand and the mouthwatering treats it holds.

From elegant designs to eye-catching logos, the possibilities are endless. Whether you run a bakery, patisserie, or a dessert catering service, our custom dessert boxes will elevate your brand image and leave customers craving for more. Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your delectable creations in a packaging that's as extraordinary as your desserts. Unleash your imagination and bring your vision to life with us!

Need Samples?

With your custom design, we can create a product sample tailored just for you, ensuring your vision comes to life flawlessly.

Custom Dessert Packaging Box Printing

A dessert is a sweet course or dish that is typically eaten after a main meal. It is often enjoyed for its taste, texture, and presentation. Desserts can come in various forms, including cakes, pies, cookies, pastries, ice cream, puddings, and more. They are often made with ingredients like sugar, flour, eggs, butter, fruit, chocolate, and other flavorings. Desserts can be served hot or cold and are often a satisfying way to end a meal or celebrate a special occasion.

Dessert packaging refers to the specific containers, boxes, or wrapping used to store, protect, and present desserts. It ensures the preservation of freshness, facilitates transportation, and enhances the visual appeal of the dessert.

Dessert boxes are specialized containers or cases designed specifically for holding and transporting desserts. These boxes are typically crafted with materials that maintain the freshness and integrity of the desserts, while also providing an attractive and convenient packaging solution for gifting or selling sweet treats.

Custom dessert boxes are personalized containers or cases tailored to specific preferences or branding. These boxes can be customized in terms of materials, shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, providing a unique and distinctive packaging solution for desserts, perfect for special events, promotions, or showcasing bakery products.

Delightful Display: Harnessing Dessert Packaging Boxes for Culinary Charm!

  • Safely store and transport desserts without compromising their quality.
  • Preserve the freshness, texture, and presentation of desserts.
  • Enhance the visual appeal and attractiveness of the dessert.
  • Facilitate easy handling, stacking, and storage of desserts.
  • Ideal for gifting, selling, or serving desserts in a professional manner.


Diverse Dessert Packaging Options Unveiled!

  • Sweet treat containers
  • Pastry boxes
  • Bakery packaging
  • Confectionery boxes
  • Dessert cartons


Companies that commonly order dessert boxes include:

  • Bakeries and patisseries
  • Catering services
  • Dessert shops and cafes
  • Confectionery manufacturers
  • Event planners and organizers


Our commitment to efficient service ensures that we ship boxes to any location within the United States in a prompt and reliable manner. With our streamlined process, your order will be carefully packaged and swiftly dispatched, arriving at your desired destination within a timeframe of just 2 to 3 weeks.

Dessert Boxes
dessert Packaging Box

Sized to Satisfy: Discover Our Dessert Box Options!

  • Single-Serving Size: 3" x 3" x 3" - Ideal for individual portions or single cupcakes.
  • Half-Dozen Size: 8" x 6" x 3" - Perfect for packaging six cupcakes or a small assortment of desserts.
  • Dozen Size: 14" x 10" x 4" - Commonly used for a dozen cupcakes or a larger selection of desserts.
  • Mini Size: 6" x 6" x 2.5" - Designed for bite-sized desserts, truffles, or mini cupcakes.
  • Square Size: 8" x 8" x 4" - Versatile option for various dessert shapes or smaller cake slices.
  • Windowed Size: 10" x 10" x 2.5" - Features a transparent window to showcase desserts or pastries.
  • Pastry Size: 12" x 8" x 2.5" - Ideal for tarts, pies, or larger pastry items.
  • Macaron Size: 7" x 2.5" x 2" - Specifically designed to fit and display delicate macarons.
  • Donut Size: 9" x 9" x 2.5" - Suitable for packaging and presenting a variety of donuts.
  • Gift Box Size: 16" x 12" x 6" - Larger box for gift sets or multiple desserts in a decorative arrangement.
  • Custom Sizes

Sweet Box, Sweeter Benefits!

The structural benefit of a dessert box lies in its ability to provide secure containment, preserving the integrity of delicate desserts during transport and storage, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition and maintaining their visual appeal.

Compare Dessert Box Materials

Dessert Box Materials: Your Options Unveiled!

Cardboard Stock:

  • Made from layers of paper pulp that have been pressed and glued together
  • Lightweight and easy to handle

Corrugated Cardboard:

  • Has a wavy inner layer between two smooth outer layers
  • Provides excellent protection for shipping and storage

White Card Stock:

  • A heavy-duty paper with a smooth finish
  • Often used for printing, copying, and crafting

SBS Paperboard:

  • A thick and stiff paper made from multiple layers of paper pulp
  • Resists folding and bending without cracking

Kraft Paper Stock:

  • A strong and durable paper made from wood pulp
  • Often used for packaging, wrapping, and other industrial applications

Rigid Board:

  • A sturdy and inflexible material made from layers of paper or plastic
  • Used for signs, displays, and other applications where stability is important


  • A lightweight and inexpensive paper product made from recycled paper fibers
  • Often used for cereal boxes, file folders, and other low-cost packaging solutions

Plastic Stock:

  • A synthetic material made from petroleum-based products
  • Can be molded into various shapes and forms

Dessert Box: Extra Delightful Add-Ons!

Dessert boxes can undergo various finishing options to enhance their appearance and functionality. Some common finishing options include:

  • Lamination: Applying a thin layer of plastic film to the box surface for added protection against moisture, scratches, and wear. It also provides a smooth and glossy finish.
  • Spot UV Coating: Applying a glossy and raised UV coating to specific areas of the box, such as logos or patterns, to create a contrast and make them stand out. It adds a luxurious and high-quality touch.
  • Foil Stamping: Using metallic or colored foil to imprint designs or text onto the box. Foil stamping adds a shiny, reflective element that enhances the box's elegance and attracts attention.
  • Embossing/Debossing: Creating raised or depressed patterns, logos, or text on the box's surface by applying pressure. Embossing adds texture and a three-dimensional effect, while debossing creates an elegant, recessed impression.
  • Window Cutouts: Creating transparent openings on the box to showcase the desserts inside. Window cutouts provide visibility and allow customers to see the tempting treats, enticing them to make a purchase.

Easy Box Ordering Guide

Simple 3-Step Custom Ordering: Choose, Personalize, Enjoy! Craft your dream product hassle-free, tailored precisely to your desires.


Pick Box Style

To obtain pricing for your custom cupcake box, it's important to select the ideal style, dimensions, and material. Consider the desired design, whether it's a windowed box or one with unique finishes. Specify the dimensions that suit your cupcakes best.

Additionally, choose the material that aligns with your preferences, such as cardboard or plastic. By providing these details, you can receive accurate pricing tailored to your custom cupcake box requirements.


Create Box Design

You have two options to proceed with your custom cupcake box order. Firstly, you can send us a completed design, ensuring it meets your specifications. Alternatively, you can collaborate with our skilled design team to create a custom design that aligns with your vision.

Once the design is finalized, we will seek your approval before proceeding with the order. This process ensures that you are satisfied with the custom design and guarantees a seamless ordering experience.


Order Dessert Boxes

Experience the convenience of ordering your custom dessert box today. Once you've finalized your design and placed the order, we will swiftly process it within the specified timeframe. Our efficient shipping services will ensure a prompt delivery, allowing you to start utilizing your custom dessert boxes in no time.

Get ready to showcase your delectable treats in style and impress your customers with a personalized packaging solution that reflects your brand's uniqueness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! As a dedicated box manufacturer, we value your brand identity. We offer personalized dessert boxes with your logo prominently displayed. Our advanced printing capabilities ensure high-quality and vivid logo representation on each box, adding a touch of professionalism and elevating your brand image. Let's make it happen!

Yes! We have a talented team of designers ready to bring your vision to life. Share your ideas, brand elements, and preferences, and we'll create stunning dessert box designs tailored to your business. We ensure a collaborative process, so you get a packaging solution that perfectly reflects your brand and entices customers.

Measuring your dessert box is a breeze! Using a ruler, measure the length, width, and height of the box from the outside. For accurate dimensions, include any flaps or closures. If the box is non-rectangular, measure the widest points.

Don't forget to measure the interior dimensions too. Share these measurements with us, and we'll ensure your custom dessert boxes fit your delectable treats perfectly.

Indeed, we value our customers' satisfaction and offer various opportunities for discounted prices. Keep an eye out for our special promotions, bulk order discounts, and seasonal offers. We also provide exclusive deals for loyal customers and repeat orders. Rest assured, we strive to make your dessert box shopping experience delightful, both in terms of quality and affordability.

Yes! We offer inside print customization to enhance your dessert boxes further. Elevate the unboxing experience by adding your branding, patterns, or special messages inside the box lid or base. Our state-of-the-art printing technology ensures vibrant and precise interior prints.

Let your creativity flow, and we'll work closely with you to create a memorable packaging solution that delights your customers from the moment they open the box.

To craft your perfect dessert box design, we'll need essential information such as your logo, preferred colors, brand guidelines, and any specific artwork or images you wish to include. Additionally, sharing the box size, style preferences, and any desired finishing touches will help us tailor the design to your vision.

Our team collaborates closely with you throughout the process, ensuring a delightful and personalized packaging solution that aligns with your brand identity.

We've got you covered! Our expert team will analyze your design theme, ensuring a seamless fit with the best material choice. Whether it's eco-friendly kraft for a rustic charm or sleek and sturdy cardboard for an elegant touch, we'll recommend the ideal material that complements your design, enhances its appeal, and ensures your dessert boxes are both eye-catching and functional.

Yes! We understand that you may want to test the waters before placing a larger order. You can definitely order a few dessert boxes to start. Our flexible ordering system allows you to choose any quantity you need, whether it's a small batch for sampling or a larger quantity for a special event. We're here to accommodate your needs and provide you with top-quality dessert boxes for any quantity.

We strive to achieve the closest color match possible. While we use advanced printing technology and high-quality materials, 100% color replication can be influenced by factors like material texture and ink absorption. However, rest assured, we'll work diligently to get as close as possible to your desired colors.

Our goal is to ensure your dessert boxes showcase your brand with utmost precision and vibrancy.

Yes! We understand the importance of seeing and feeling the actual product. Yes, we offer physical dessert box samples for you to evaluate the design and quality. While there might be a small charge for producing and shipping the samples, it's an investment in ensuring you're fully satisfied with your order.

These samples allow you to make informed decisions, ensuring your custom dessert boxes meet your expectations before proceeding with the full order.